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How To Beatbox #4 : Breath Control

  Beatboxing is a diverse artform that has the ability to traverse various genres and spectrums of music and sound.   The sounds and beats produced in a beatbox routine are as varied and diverse as the techniques required to pull them off, however beatboxing does come with its own set of unique challenges – […]

How To Beatbox #3 : Muscle Memory

  How does M.S. Dhoni instinctively hit the most powerful shots with the perfect stance and follow through? How does Sunil Chhetri intuitively hit the ball in the perfect place with the perfect part of his foot? How do your favourite beatboxers produce the most complex of beat patterns without consciously thinking about every single […]

How To Beatbox #1 : The Basics

Beatbox essentially is the ability to replicate and create percussion sounds using only your mouth. Initially the artform focused primarily on the sole replication of percussion-based instruments, however it has developed and grown into so much more than just that. Beatboxing is filled with a diverse range of sounds spanning anywhere from scratches and snares […]