Learn Beatbox the right way!

Learn Beatbox from India's Best Human Beatboxers. We provide 1-on-1 and Group Online Beatbox Classes for Beginners, especially for children. Our Beatbox Tutors ensure children learn much more than just beatbox sounds. Our Beatbox Courses help kids develop confidence, creativity, dedication, patience, discipline and overall music knowledge.

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How old should my child be to join the beatbox classes? + -

The art of beatboxing is for everyone. We welcome people of all ages to our school of Beatbox.

Are the Beatbox tutors experienced professionals? + -

Absolutely! Our tutors are India's Top Human Beatboxers and are well-known for their expertise and achievements in the art form.

How long is the beatboxing course? + -

The duration of our beatboxing courses is typically 15 weeks. We offer various programs for different skill levels and learning objectives.

Do you provide any certification? + -

Yes! We provide a Certificate for Beatboxing on completion of assignments and assessments.

Can beginners join the courses? + -

Absolutely! We have Beatbox courses for complete beginners. We provide 1-on-1 and Group Online Beatbox Classes for Beginners, especially for children.

Is it necessary for my child to have prior musical experience? + -

No. Prior musical experience is not necessary.

What materials or equipment will my child need? + -

The only equipment your child will need is themself! 

Can my child participate in performances and competitions? + -

Absolutely! We encourage and train students to participate in performances and competitions, gaining valuable stage experience. We organise Beatbox events, showcases, and competitions throughout the year.

Can beatboxing help improve my child's vocal abilities? + -

Yes. Our courses include breathing techniques to enhance your child's vocal skills, contributing to their musical development.

What is the price of the beatbox classes? + -

It varies based on the course you choose. We provide options for both 1-on-1 and Group Online Beatbox Classes.


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