Discord is a freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and also in a web browser. As of May 2017, Discord has over 45 million users.
What discord does for the beatbox community is it provides an online platform for beatboxers to connect using voice communication and a live chat stream over an amazing user interface which is easy to manage and customize.

What bbxindia is doing on discord ?

We have an official discord server for beatboxer interactions. All of our online battles are hosted on discord by an amazing fun guy [he’s Kash]. The upcoming Beatbox League will also be hosted on the same server. (more information will be provided about the beatbox league in future posts)

How to install Discord ?

Goto the official Discord website for download instructions according to your device and platform.
We recommend using discord from your PC while participating in battles for better voice quality, ease of use and an overall better experience for everyone. However installing it on your mobile will make the server easily accessible at any time.So installing it on both will be the best choice.

How to Find Beatbox India on discord ?

After installing discord go here to join the server.



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