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Beatboxing is the musical expression of the body through the innovation of sounds and the crafting of music by only using the mouth, throat, and nose. Contrary to common belief, beatboxing remains to be a rapidly growing art form that transcends the sole replication of drums and sound effects and into full musical performances. Beatboxing is a primal human art form that utilizes the physical body as a versatile instrument. Musical expression through the body stands at the core of human communication, making beatboxing the most organic art form.


Beatboxing in India has created so many artists in the present decade. An art which is part of Hiphop culture it has inspired the younger generation to a very large extent, where the community has grown so big with 1000’s of beatbox lovers. Understanding the growth of the community, Bbxindia as an organisation is on a mission to promote and provide the best platform for all the Beatboxers in India.

Beatbox India was an initiation by Shubham Sharma as a web blog in the year 2009 & later as a Facebook page. Then Beatbox India started organising beatbox battle events as tie up with college fests and organised few events, where every artist met the other, developed friendship and later became a family. In 2016, Nagaland community associated with Bbxindia to organise the first ever Indian beatbox championship which happened in Kohima, Nagaland, where Bhavesh sharma aka. B-Cube was crowned as the Indian beatbox champion 2016 . In the year 2016 Shubham sharma partnered with Raka Vee, a beatboxer & Looper from chennai. Later Raka Vee started investing solely on beatbox India and as he got so inspired by seeing how fast the community was growing up and understanding the future that it had, Raka Vee started  working for the Beatboxing community. Hence he went on a mission to promote the Indian Beatboxing scene by travelling to Europe for World beatbox events spending money of his own.  He worked completely to convert Bbxindia as a real entity and worked on many projects as “High on artist series “ where Mr Chan was introduced to the Beatboxing world. Due to personal reasons Shubham sharma could not contribute in anyway to the community and hence Raka Vee took over Bbxindia. In the year 2017, Bbxindia organised an online beatbox battle having Pe4enkata as judge over a online voice sever and titled Ananmay Narain from Delhi as the Indian beatbox champion 2017. Also BbxIndia organised the first ever Under18 Indian Beatbox Championship in the same year. BbxIndia has given away prizes to the Winners and the best recognition we could to all the Artists.  Bbxindia got the opportunity for the Ananmay Narain to represent India in the World Beatbox Championship 2018 which took place in Berlin, Germany. Bbxindia has developed the official relationship with Swissbeatbox, beatboxbattletv, humanbeatbox and all major beatboxing community in the World.

Now Bbxindia has registered itself as a company and working towards a goal to provide the best for all the Beatboxers in India. We have network all over the country and employees in 15 cities. The official team list updated in in this website. Bbxindia has started a merchandise, electronics shop etc to give the best products specially for the Beatboxing community. Overall BbxIndia is a collective of all Indian beatboxers and we are growing.