Beatbox India is one of the largest beatboxing organizations in the subcontinent. We are a network of beatboxers (amateur and professional), musicians and organizers who want to promote the art of human beatboxing.

Beatboxing is an art form in which sounds and music are made from the lips, throat, tongue, teeth, and other parts of the mouth. It is also called human beatboxing, or vocal percussion. It is different to the Indian classic concept of Konnakol, though there is a crossover.

As beatbox culture caught the attention of youth from the year 2010, the number of beatboxers in India started growing rapidly, and the artists came together organically, on social media, to form the Indian beatbox community. In its initial days, Beatbox India was a collective formed first as a Facebook group and then as a WhatsApp group, connecting beatboxers from all over the country. In 2016, Raka Vee registered BBX India and trademarked the Indian Beatbox Championship.

In 2017, BBX India established official relationships with beatboxing communities around the world, like Beatbox Battle TV (organiser of the World Championships) and Swissbeatbox (the largest beatbox platform in the world). From there, BBX India has grown to be India’s largest beatbox platform, and hosted the official Indian Beatbox Championships in 2016 (at the Hornbill Music Festival, Nagaland) and 2018 (in Bangalore, Karnataka).  The BBX India platform focusses on event management, artist management, merchandise, education, community-building and more, all centred around the art of human beatboxing.




rajkamal (aka raka vee)

After completing his education in Engineering and Project Management, Raka joined a corporate job, but quickly left to follow his true passions of dancing and creating music. He started beatboxing in 2010, and met many wonderful people (shoutout to Psylence!) who helped make BBX India a reality. He looks forward to contributing towards the spread of the artform in the country, and giving artists the opportunities they deserve.

social media

Divya is a strategist for social media and public relations, who joined BBX India in 2020. She has been beatboxing for a few years now, and her favourite thing about the art form is its versatility.

sowbarnika (aka sowbi)
social media

A beatboxer, singer and actor from Chennai, Sowbi credits beatboxing with giving her energy, power, positivity, and a way to make a name for herself. A versatile and musical beatboxer, Sowbi is always looking for ways to keep you entertained and smiling!

srilatha (aka cisum.bbx)
social media

A beatboxer since 2016, Srilatha is an artist and student interested in exploring different horizons of life. She hopes to bring a Carnatic influence to beatboxing, and performs regularly with her acapella group, The Spasht.

community manager

According to Sadhana, beatboxing is a super power that makes her feel superhuman! She was the Vice Champion for the Female Division at Colossal 4.0, and was featured in Rolling Stone magazine. She is also a student of The Dharavi Dream Project.

ankit chamoli (aka pahadi-beatboxer)
community manager

Ankit has been performing since 2012, and has performed for private gigs, corporate shows and even the Indian army. He’s an active session artist who has given TEDx talks and been part of the reality television show, Dil Hai Hindustani. He has been involved in the regional hip hop scenes in Dehradun and North India since their inception, both as a musician and an organizer.

Manan (Aka beatmonk)
audio/video production team

Manan has been beatboxing for four years, and sees beatboxing as a creative and spiritual outlet. He was the Vice Champion of Chennai, and was part of the top 32 at Indian Beatbox Championships 2018. He wants to use beatboxing for personal evolution, to bring around a creative revolution.

vatsal (aka vadsu)
editorial, social media, audio/video production

Vadsu is a music producer, beatboxer, songwriter, teacher and an entertainer, who has been rocking the indie and corporate gig scene in the past year, with his/her storytelling beatboxing sets. Albeit beatboxing for only a little over 2 years, he/she has quickly garnered the reputation of being one of the most unique beatboxers in India and even bagged the 17th spot at Colossal 4.0 Elite division.

moitreya (aka marvel)
social media

Marvel has been beatboxing for over four years, and his style is minimal and punchy. He is the winner of the Colossal 3.0 Normal Division, one of the top 3 beatboxers in Kolkata in 2019, and has represented India in the BBXInt Community Throwdown. His goal is to promote raw, unique beatboxing amongst non-beatboxers, and obviously represent India on a big stage.

shubham (aka peacerex)
discord server manager

PeaceRex has been beatboxing since 2010, and is one of the senior members from the Bombay Beatbox Community. He has been performed for Red Bull, been featured on Radio 104 FM, and has judged a number of online and offline battles. Another big focus for him is music creation, and making a mark with his electro style.

vivek (aka beatroot)
marketing and business development

A music enthusiast who has been beatboxing for 7 years, Vivek has also previously been Zonal Head, West India. He has participated in events and gigs in Chennai and Mumbai, and looks forward to expanding opportunities for Indian beatboxers.

ram kumar (aka raku)
marketing and business development

Raku has been beatboxing for eight years, and got his start after seeing a video of the French beatboxer Joseph Poolpo. Along with beatboxing, he has been playing the Mridungam (South Indian instrument) since his school days, and has been looping for two years. His goal is to make music that sticks with you, and exploring the potential of the human voice.

editor, website administrator

A beatboxer since 2010, Manasi has also been involved in local slam poetry and literary scenes. She won the female division at Colossal 3.0, and has made a documentary on the Indian Beatboxing Championships 2018. Manasi hopes to leverage her background in literature and journalism towards spreading beatboxing in India, and the freedom and flow that come with it.

warren (aka havoc)
editorial team

Warren has been beatboxing for four years, and represents the Bombay Beatbox Community. He loves the opportunities beatboxing has provided him, from organizing (and winning!) battles to collaborating and performing with some big names in the Indian music industry; and he feels the admiration and respect in the community validate the work he does at Bbx India.