Important Update

Cheers to the guys who’ve already installed our android app. You are those  71  awesome people  🙂 This is to notify that its the Final Manual Update  and now the app will download updates itself. After installation you will find some UI changes for the upcoming updates. Many cool features  will be added soon so you can find new beatboxers near you or jam online.

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Beatbox League

This is the Beatbox League, a community driven project open to the entire beatbox community. Its an individual battle league but where you stand on charts not only depends on your performance but your team’s as well. The league is composed of beatbox teams known as Houses. Each house is moderated by the elected Elder , who will be in charge of things. An Elder’s responsibilities are ; to ensure that the house performs at its best in the league, to draft the beatboxers for the battles, to lead the house during battles, to maintain an environment where everyone can learn and grow(cos this is what its all about). The Houses will compete to take the top spot till the end of the league, to be known as the winning house of that season and the best performers will face for the title.

First Exhibition Battle was great and the league haven’t even started yet. The registrations are still open.
Spoiler: Beat Rhino might return to judge, cos you guys were awesome at last time.

Click HERE to register yourself, but don’t forget to check the prerequisites.